How to Take Care of Your Feet Whilst Travelling

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Now that the world has opened back up following the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of people are taking the opportunity to pack up and explore the world once again.

It’s no secret that even seasoned travellers have had to re-adapt to travel, as can be seen by the state of the airports around the world.

So, how can you make sure to keep your feet nice and healthy on your exciting holiday? We’ve come up with our top 6 tips to keep your feet in tip top shape as you explore the globe!

Tip #1: Wear comfortable and appropriate shoes.

When travelling, most people want to be able to get out of their hotel and explore the sites as much as they can.

This typically means doing more walking than you would usually do at home. It is extremely important that your feet are properly supported in order to handle this increased pressure!

Things that you need to take into account when choosing what shoes to bring with you on holiday include:

The terrain

The surface on which you’ll be walking on will affect what shoes are going to be best for you.

Do some research into the streets of where you are going – are they concreted or cobblestones? Smooth and well maintained or uneven?

The weather

If you’re going to a tropical destination, bringing your winter boots is probably not ideal.

Make sure that the shoes that you bring along with you are going to be the most comfortable for the weather and protect you from both the heat and the cold.

The activities you will be doing

This is a big one!

For example, wearing high heels on a full day tour of Pompeii in Italy is definitely going to lead to pain!

Make sure that you wear shoes that you would usually wear for similar activities back home.

Going for a hike in a rainforest? Pack some waterproof hiking boots. Spending most of your time laying on the sand (with sun protection of course)? Opt for some supportive sandals or Archies thongs.

If you would like advice or recommendations on the best footwear options for you and your desired holiday activities, contact us to chat to one of our podiatrists!


Tip #2: Consider hygiene when getting pedicures

It is well known that nail salons typically do not offer a high level of hygiene and do not provide sterile or sanitary environments.

Podiatrists frequently see patients who return home after a trip overseas and discover that they have picked up a nail or skin fungal infection, are dealing with a nasty ingrown toenail or have deep cracks in the skin on their feet.

It is important to remember that unfortunately these salons often provide substandard care and typically do not have an in depth knowledge of proper foot health and management.

Be very cautious of companies that offer a ‘quick fix’ for your dry skin, particularly through the use of fish to remove the ‘dead skin’ on your feet.

We strongly recommend that you consider seeing a podiatrist before going on holiday rather than a nail salon to ensure that your feet are happy and healthy and that appropriate treatment has been provided.

To read more on the differences between seeing a podiatrist and visiting a nail salon, check out our article here.


Tip #3: Keep yourself and your skin hydrated

Hydration is key to ensuring that the processes of the body can run smoothly and efficiently.

Not only will it keep you healthy and able to tackle those long days of sightseeing, but it will help to keep your skin nice and smooth.

Drinking plenty of water can help to reduce the risk of cramping and the severity of ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’, which is pain after exercise – which is helpful if you’re going to be getting in a lot more steps than usual.

Keeping your skin hydrated through moisturising is very important to help to reduce the risk of dry flaky skin or cracked heels.

Chat to your podiatrist about what moisturiser is best for your feet.


Tip #4: Keep yourself moving on those long haul flights

We’re yet to find anyone who really enjoys those long haul flights, especially if you are seated in economy class (which is the vast majority of us).

Limited leg room and uncomfortable seats are the cause, let alone sitting next to someone who is sick or snoring for the whole flight.

To avoid cramping and, in some cases, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), moving around regularly is very important.

Doing a few laps of the cabin and some simple stretches can help with these, as well as keep you feeling as fresh as possible.

Make sure that you wear shoes when walking around to avoid stepping on anything through the aisles, as well as for general hygiene reasons.


Tip #5: If you have orthotics, take them with you!

This should be a no-brainer, however if we had a dollar for every time a patient returned from holiday with foot pain and said “I forgot to take my orthotics”, we would all be rich!

If you have orthotics, it’s because your feet need extra support. They need to be supported as much as possible, and this includes when you’re on holiday!

Make sure that you take them with you, along with the shoes that they have been fitted into.

If you are going someone warm and tropical and won’t be in closed toed shoes, make sure that you wear supportive sandals or Archies thongs to at least give your feet some support.


Tip #6: Have your feet checked by your podiatrist before you go

This is particularly important if you already have a few concerns with your feet, including callus, corns, ingrown toenails, foot pain etc.

Making sure that you are armed with everything that you need to make sure that these do not cause you trouble on your well earned holiday is definitely a great idea!

Even if your feet are in relatively good condition, seeing a podiatrist before a holiday that involves a lot of walking or even hiking is a really good idea, so that we can identify any potential problems and workshop ways in which you can avoid these.

This may include taping techniques, blister management or education on how to cut your toenails properly.


Do you need a podiatrist in Melbourne?

Whether you’re about to go on a holiday and you want to check the health of your feet, or you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your feet, we’re here to help you.

Our podiatry team is based in Melbourne’s North East – in Watsonia – and we can help you with all types of foot and lower limb conditions.

Take care of your feet with our help today. Book an appointment online or by calling us on 03 9432 2689.

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