From as early as 6 months old some children can start to walk. Once a child reaches the milestone of walking it is obvious that their feet will provide them with a stable base from which they will grow. As  child’s feet develop, they start off very pliable and transform into a structured rigid base which will carry them throughout their life.

Therefore it is extremely important that these young developing feet are cared for appropriately. As children are not able to fully express what they are feeling, especially when it comes to their feet it is vital as a parent to pay close attention to your child’s foot development. Often the only response given is “it hurts”. As Podiatrists we are very well versed in the anatomical and physiological functions of the feet and lower limb we are able to assess and decipher the cause of the pain and treat accordingly. 

Signs and symptoms to look for in your child includes:

  • Foot and or arch pain
  • Tripping or falling
  • Clumsiness
  • Hip pain
  • Trouble keeping up with peers
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Clawing toes
  • Prone to injuries or accidents
  • Muscle fatigue or soreness
  • Walking on tip toes
  • A propensity for ankle sprains
  • An unwillingness to participate in sports


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