Josh Guest

Josh is a passionate podiatrist with a keen interest in sports podiatry, musculoskeletal conditions, biomechanics, orthotics and diabetes. He is an avid sports fan with AFL, NBA and the NFL capturing most of his interest, however there are not many sports  he doesn’t follow. Josh also enjoys a range of outdoor activities such as camping and surfing, spending much of his spare time down at Phillip Island and exploring the Victorian High Country.

Josh has played many years of A grade footy and cricket, and unfortunately experienced a range of injuries himself, including multiple ankle sprains and soft tissue injuries. This sparked his interest in helping others recover from injuries and pain. Josh’s interest in human movement has led him to have an in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and the use of orthotics to treat lower limb conditions.

Josh has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science with a Masters in Podiatric Practice at Latrobe University.

Bayley Ponton

Bayley is an enthusiastic podiatrist that enjoys helping people achieve their goals and solve the problems they have with their feet. Bayley has completed his degree with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatry at La Trobe University.

Bayley chose podiatry because of his passion for helping people and how broad the profession is and enjoys all aspects of the job from biomechanics, diabetic foot care to general foot care. Bayley’s interest are largely in sport having played Football, Basketball, Cricket and Water skiing growing up, he has an appreciation for managing sport related injuries and getting you back to playing sport.

In his spare time Bayley enjoys catching up with friends, watching any sport, playing basketball and playing on his ps5.

Melissa Kelaiditis

Mel is an enthusiastic and well-rounded podiatrist who likes to spend her time outside of work camping, baking and drinking copious amounts of coffee. She enjoys all aspects of podiatry however has an interest in Paediatrics, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Biomechanics, Diabetes and Balance and Falls Prevention. She also has a particular interest in the treatment and management of sporting related injuries.

Whilst playing a high level of basketball for 15 years, including representing Victoria in a National competition, Mel sustained several foot and lower limb injuries. These include many ankle sprains, ligament tears and broken metatarsals and even a full knee reconstruction after completely rupturing her ACL. This means she understands the rehabilitation process required to get you back to your full potential and is just as motivated to get you back to sport as you are!

Mel has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science with a Masters in Podiatric Practice at Latrobe University. She has also completed a Bachelor in Health Science with a Major in Rehabilitation at Latrobe University.

Aaron Dri

  • Aaron Dri completed his Bachelor of Podiatry at LaTrobe University in Bundoora, graduating in 2008. at LaTrobe University
  • Guilty pleasure: Staying in my pyjamas on a Sunday and then order Ubereats as getting dressed is an unreal expectation at that point
  • Favourite movie: Shawshank redemption
  • 3 people you would love to have dinner with: Nelson Mandela, Gary Vaynerchuk, Warren Buffett
  • I love podiatry because: I get to help, but hear and learn from my clients experiences. It is rare that you can do this with so many amazingly different people!
  • Favourite Book: Fantastic Mr Fox – Yes, I know it is a kid’s book. Memories make everything better!
  • Favourite Place: Berlin 2010. The culture, the people, the nightlife, the infrastructure. Amazing place.
  • Why do you love Watsonia podiatry: I get to work with AMAZING staff while helping others feel better and get out of pain.
  • Favourite quote: “Do my ACTIONS match my GOALS” – Gary Vanynerchuk
  • Surprised to know: I can almost ‘Melbourne shuffle’
  • Favourite food: Nigiri sushi – the small bed of rice with the piece of fish on top
  • What “superpower” would you choose? Super reading speed, stealing this one from Warren Buffett
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Coffee, cycling, coffee, food, catching up with friends and usually in that order.


black and white image of team member Maddy.



Maddy is a passionate and hard-working student. Currently studying Biomedicine at Latrobe University, her enthusiasm in the health-care setting is huge! In her spare time, she works on her car (MX-5) and enjoys the outdoors, as well as going to the gym.

Throughout her study, there are several avenues she wants to take later, from going into Emergency Medicine or Radiology. Even then, she has undertaken Podiatry electives and who knows- it might be the career for her!

Whether it is on the phone or at the front desk, she will always display a huge smile and ensure she can do everything to assist you.


team photo summer.



  • Guilty pleasure: Finding either possum, fox or bird poo and rolling in it! Otherwise known as ‘ead de park’
  • Favourite movie: Not too concerned about as long as I get to be between my parents on the couch.
  • 3 people you would love to have dinner with: Lilly, Benson, Mum
  • I love podiatry because: I get to come out and meet new people and even steal their socks sometimes!
  • Favourite Book: Whatever dad listens to while he takes me on walks.
  • Favourite Place: This is a tough one between Binnak park with my friends and yarra bend park where I can go for a swim.
  • Why do you love Watsonia podiatry: I get to come to ‘Dads’ work and get butt scratches from the team. Sometimes I even get food at lunchtime.
  • Favourite quote: “Do you want snacks?” – Mum
  • Surprised to know: I can take off your socks!
  • Favourite food: Steak leftovers – I would prefer the whole thing, but that doesn’t happen
  • What “superpower” would you choose? The ‘doggo mind trick’ – very similar to Jedi mind trick, but works on people to give me their food or take me to the park.
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Walks, going to different parks, eating a variety of different chews, and snuggling with my parents.