• Is there Parking and disabled access?

    Yes there is both. The parking is behind the clinic and is ample there. Disabled access is via double doors at the front of the building.

  • Do you do orthotics?

    Simply put we do use orthotics, however it is very important to determine whether orthotics are the right choice for you and your life style. In addition it is important to have the right style of orthotic fitted for you.

  • Do you have HICAPS?

    Yes we have HICAPS, so you will be able to process your rebate from your private health fund on the day and you just pay the gap. Please check with your health fund first in regards to your cover before attending the clinic.

  • Will the treatment hurt?

    Rarely is there pain involved with any treatment. If something is going to be painful we will use local anesthetic, but you will always be informed if there is a chance of pain.

  • Is Podiatry bulk- billed?

    Private is only bulk billed for people are under a enhanced primary care plan from their General Practitioner. This is generally for people with chronic health issues such as diabetes.

    DVA (white and gold) card holders are also bulk billed with a current referral from their General Practitioner.

  • Should I be seeing a podiatrist about my problem?

    If you are getting pain below the knee that is what we specialise in. We spend 4 years at University studying the lower limbs in particular from the knee down. In the rare cases that we cannot personally help you with your pain below the knee. However we have a strong referral network and can you advise you on the best course of action to take. At the clinic we have helped people with their knee, hip and lower back pain, however I would consider seeing a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor first for these pains. If you have been referred to the clinic by one of these specialist’s then we will be happy to help you and work with your other specialists for the best possible outcome.

  • Do I need a referral to see a Podiatrist?

    Well the simple Answer is no.

    Anyone can come and see a Podiatrist and if you have private health insurance which covers ‘Podiatry’ services a rebate will apply. However, if you are having your costs covered by Workcover, the Department of Veteran affairs or through the Enhanced Primary Care Program you will need to be referred to our Clinic by your General Practitioner.

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