What Are Moon Boots?

Moon boots, also known as CAM (controlled ankle movement) boots, are designed to offload pressure from the foot and ankle and redistribute this pressure up the leg. By taking the pressure off the injured structures, you are able to place weight through the affected limb without being in pain. Wearing a moon boot also helps the injury to heal properly as it is not under any excessive pressure or strain. 

What Are Moon Boots Used For?

These boots can be used for a variety of lower limb pathologies including wounds, fractures and soft tissue sprains, strains and tears.

What Does Wearing A Moon Boot Feel Like?

Moon boots are designed with a ‘rocker-bottom’ sole which allows you to be able to walk as normally as possible. This helps by allowing the normal ‘heel to toe’ movement that is required in a normal gait pattern. They can often feel quite heavy to begin with and take a bit of getting used to. It is very important that you are safe when wearing your moon boot, therefore participating in physical activity is strongly discouraged. 

How Long Will I Be In A Moon Boot For?

Generally, most patients will be in a moon boot for at least 6 weeks. However, depending on the extent of the injury, this time may be shorter or longer. This will be determined by a variety of factors including the extent of your injury, your pain levels and the results from your review scans. 

What Is The Difference Between A Short And A Tall Moon Boot?

At Watsonia Podiatry, we stock both tall and short moon boots. These are used for different pathologies, however, the closer the moon boot is to the knee, the more it will offload the foot and ankle. A tall moon boot is generally used for injuries to the midfoot, rearfoot and ankle, whereas short boots are used for injuries to the toes.

What Do I Need To Do After I Come Out Of The Moon Boot?

Following your stint wearing a moon boot, we will send you for follow-up scans to make sure that the injured structures have healed and you are safe to begin gradually returning to normal activities. A rehabilitation program is required in order to develop strength and motion in the affected area of the foot or ankle, and we will tailor a program specifically to your needs. Return to activity is usually slow and steady to avoid re-injury and allow your feet and lower legs to get used to working normally again. 

How Can I Get A Moon Boot From Watsonia Podiatry?

At Watsonia Podiatry, we provide consultations for moon boot fittings, whereby we discuss your foot or ankle pathology in-depth and demonstrate exactly how to put on the moon boot. We are also able to answer any questions that you might have in regards to your moon boot. It is important that the moon boot is fitted correctly to your foot to provide the best support possible and avoid skin irritations from rubbing including blisters

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