What is the Zebris Treadmill?

view of the zebris treadmill set up at the watsonia podiatry clinic

As podiatrists, it is our job to work out why you are in pain and then treat the problem accordingly. This pain may be located anywhere from your lower back all the way down to your feet. The cause of this pain could be from a variety of problems, including injuries, strength or movement deficits or underlying medical conditions.

When a patient presents to the clinic in pain, we perform a very thorough biomechanical assessment in order to provide a snapshot of your foot function, including the range of motion and flexibility testing, strength testing, stance and gait assessments and footwear assessments.

At Watsonia Podiatry, we have now introduced the Zebris Treadmill into our clinic. The Zebris treadmill aids us in these stance and gait assessments by giving us an even deeper insight into what’s happening with your feet!

image of your view when you are using the zebris treadmill


How does the Zebris treadmill work?

Force plates and sensors are located along the treadmill belt (the part you walk on) which allows us to analyse how your feet are moving.

Detailed reports are then generated to show where you are loading through your feet and why may be in pain. We are able to conduct balance and stance assessments, as well as walking and running assessments.



What can we use the Zebris treadmill for?

Your feet are built the way they are for a reason – it is to allow for proper pressure distribution and efficient movement. When feet are unable to work effectively, it can lead to a range of problems within the feet.

The Zebris treadmill can be used to help with the diagnosis and management of:



If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment for an assessment on the Zebris treadmill call (03) 9432 2689 or book an appointment online here.


Aaron Dri