Rejoice Ladies! Shoes and Orthotics Can Be a Match Made in Heaven!


By Kelsey McCloskey-Huckin

Finding shoes for women to accommodate orthotics can be an extremely difficult task, unless you know where to look. There are many footwear brands that are both stylish and orthotic friendly, so there’s no need to compromise on comfort or style! As most orthotics are customised specifically for each individual foot, it’s important to take them with you whenever looking for shoes to ensure they fit correctly and provide you with appropriate support and of course, comfort. We’ve done the research for you and found our top 3 picks for orthotic friendly footwear brands.

Bared Footwear:

Bared Footwear is quickly becoming a renowned orthopaedic footwear brand. Other than the high heels or open toe sandals, the rest of the Bared range is orthotic friendly. Their range includes boots, work shoes and ballet flats which are deep enough to accommodate most orthotics comfortably. The best part about Bared footwear is that each shoe with removable insoles also comes with a fitting pack which includes various options to assist in accommodating orthotics! Currently, Bared have 2 Melbourne based stores located in Armadale and Melbourne CBD, with all their styles being available online. Should you order a pair online and not be able to fit your orthotics in, Bared will send you another pair at no cost so you can try your orthotics with the different fitting options available with every Bared shoe with removable insoles. The Bared website also includes handy tips for troubleshooting on how to accommodate your orthotics and even gives examples of particular styles that are best suited to orthotics.

Shoes 1 Shoes 2 Shoes 3


Frankie 4:

Frankie 4 is an Australian brand created by podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch, who had a vision of creating stylish yet supportive footwear. Most of the styles available in the Frankie 4 range, with the exception of sandals, include a removable footbed to allow custom orthotics to be used. Included in this is also Frankie4’s Patented Custom Fit pack, which includes forefoot cushions that are particularly handy for those with half-length orthotics. The range includes a variety of boots, active flats and brogue-style work shoes to suit any preference! With concept stores in Indooroopilly and Windsor in Queensland, Frankie4 also has stockists right around the country and have even expanded into New Zealand!

Shoes 4 Shoes 5 Shoes 6


Whilst Bared and Frankie4 have many styles available to accommodate orthotics and offer sandals with exceptionally inbuilt supportive technology, some of you may still be looking for sandals that can accommodate your orthotics.



Hailing from the Gold Coast, Revere sandals are well known for their orthotic suitability. In fact, the entire range is orthotic friendly! From gorgeous summer sandals to trending winter boots, Revere offer a wide range of styles to suit both you fashion and orthotic needs. Revere have stockists right around the country, including our clinic here in Watsonia, so come and see us to try on a pair!

Range of Revere footwear available at Watsonia Podiatry


For more information on orthotics and your feet, check out our information page here.  At Watsonia Podiatry, we can offer professional advice, services and fittings when it comes to orthotics, so book an appointment here to discuss your options.