What is it?

It is the result inflammation at the growth plate in the heel. It is part of the osteochondrosis group of conditions. It is characterised by pain on lateral compression or squeezing of the heel in comparison to direct pressure.

Why has it happened?

It typically occurs to quite active children between the ages of 8 – 12 who are quite active and who have had a major growth spurt. It is due to traction forces being placed upon the growth plate of the heel. On one side is the Achilles and on the other is the plantar fascia. The resultant force causes the heel to become very sore and can inhibit a child’s ability to play the sport they love.

What can be done?

The main goal is to reduce pressure on the heel which can be done via a stretching program, footwear advice, activity modification or a variety of different styles of orthotics. Its best to contact the clinic for a comprehensive assessment and to be best advised of a treatment plan. It is important to note that it is a growth disorder and is rare to have any effects on future development.