This is a condition which is a large concern to quite a number of parents. Throughout pediatric development a child’s foot will undergo many changes and during a certain stage their feet will become flatter and there will be a decrease in the arch of the foot. However some patients feet will be flatter than normal and need support to help re-align their foot in the short term. This is where orthotics may assist. The use of orthotics may be used for only a short period of time or in some cases may be required on a more permanent basis. Other options are stretching and strengthening programs along with foot mobilisation and manipulation which can help train the foot into a better postural position.

So when does your child need to see a Podiatrist?

1. If they are experiencing foot or leg pain it is always an indication to take action. If they are complaining about pain during or after sport, or at the end of the day if they are rubbing their feet or legs because they hurt.

2. If you feel there is something not quite right, it is always better to have them checked than to leave it, and find out you could have done something earlier.  Trust your instincts, after all, you know your child better than anyone.

These are the 2 main reasons but if concerned please feel free to contact the clinic to make an appointment.