fungal nailWhat is it?

Fungal nails or Onychomycosis is due to a fungal infection of the nail plate on its own or in some cases, may involve the nail bed as well. It is charactrised by a yellow/brown discoloration of the nail in early stages which will often be a small section of nail then can progress to the entire nail and spread to other nails. They can become thick, friable and even painful. This condition is quite common and believed to affect 6-8% of the population.

What caused it?

It can be caused from trauma allowing the fungi under the nail or by transfer from other person with the condition.

How can it be treated?

Firstly the nail will be assessed to make sure that it is a fungal nail, as there are several other nail conditions which have a similar appearance. Once an accurate diagnosis is made we can discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for your case. Which may include topical treatments or oral medication.





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