Yes they are the same feet, before and after 1 treatment.Cracked Heels

What are they?

It is a build up of dry hard skin around your heels. If left for periods of time they will start to crack and can even bleed or become infected. Often if they crack down to bare skin, a patient will describe it as walking on paper cuts.

Why does it happen?

It typically happens to people who wear open backed shoes or shoes without socks. This is largely due to moisture evaporating from your feet as well as friction and pressure on the edges of your heels. It is more common in summer when people are wearing thongs. Although it can happen in winter as the heating will remove moisture from the air indoors. 

How are they treated?

The hard dry skin is debrided with a scalpel which is painless and people often find a great deal of relief once the hard dry skin is removed. Then the podiatrist will recommend treatment strategies such as specialist foot creams to use, footwear changes or to have regular foot care to prevent this from becoming a painful problem in the future.

What to do now?

We are here to help and would love to help you out with your feet! We have seen it all when it comes to cracked heels and will be able to help you get them back on track. So if you are suffering from cracked heels, or any other skin or nail condition you can click here to book online or call us on 9432 2689. 

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