Guilty pleasure: Staying in my pyjamas on a Sunday and then order Ubereats as getting dressed is an unreal expectation at that point

Favourite movie: Shawshank redemption

3 people you would love to have dinner with: Nelson Mandela, Gary Vaynerchuk, Warren Buffett

I love podiatry because: I get to help, but hear and learn from my clients experiences. It is rare that you can do this with so many amazingly different people!

Favourite book: Fantastic Mr Fox – Yes, I know it is a kid’s book. Memories make everything better!

Favourite Place: Berlin 2010. The culture, the people, the nightlife, the infrastructure. Amazing place.

Why do you love Watsonia podiatry: I get to work with AMAZING staff while helping others feel better and get out of pain.

Favourite quote: “Do my ACTIONS match my GOALS” – Gary Vanynerchuk

Surprised to know: I can almost ‘Melbourne shuffle’

Favourite food: Nigiri sushi – the small bed of rice with the piece of fish on top

What “superpower” would you choose? Super reading speed, stealing this one from Warren Buffett

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Coffee, cycling, coffee, food, catching up with friends and usually in that order 🙂